Trigger Point Massage

Trigger Point massage is a specifically targeted technique. Most people refer to trigger points as knots. A trigger point is commonly caused by repetitive stress injuries (over-use) and generally, develop over a period of time before causing discomfort. These areas can be tender and trigger a pain response that in turn can cause the muscle to contract which can create more pain (spasm-pain cycle). This discomfort can refer/radiate to other areas of the body. A common cause of neck pain is trigger points in the Rhomboids (shoulder blade area muscles), or Levators (muscles used to shrug shoulders).

When receiving trigger point massage, we focus on these areas, slowly applying direct pressure. Focused pressure to the trigger point interrupts the signal from the brain telling the muscle to contract. When the signal is interrupted, it creates a feedback loop. Once the brain is unable to deliver the signal to the muscle to contract, it stops sending the contraction signal allowing the trigger point to release.

In order to get the most benefit and full release of trigger points, a combination of techniques are employed. Customers will experience discomfort relief after the first treatment session, however; to prevent the re-occurrence of trigger points, a change to the actions that caused it will need to occur. Our therapists can go over ways to help identify potential causing factors.

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